Our History
The Armenian General Athletic Union and Scouts, referred to as Homenetmen, is a non-profit organization founded in 1918. As a strong believer in the ‘strong mind in a strong body’ concept, Homenetmen provides the Armenian American Youth with moral, physical and social education. In addition, it exposes the youth to the wealth of the Armenian culture and heritage, as well as prepares outstanding law abiding Armenian American citizens. Homenetmen is a worldwide organization with roughly 100 chapters and 30,000 members on five continents.

The Homenetmen experience is one of lasting association. The organization promotes a sense of fraternity and humanitarianism, which extends far beyond mere camaraderie and benevolence. Homenetmen’s motto “Elevate Yourself and Others with You”, is a poignant reminder of its fundamental objective – striving for individual and collective excellence of its members. To achieve these goals, Homenetmen employs both a scouting and athletic program.

Homenetmen’s scouting program is affiliated with the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. For its more than 3,000 scouts, Homenetmen Western USA provides the opportunity in each and every scout a sense of social and moral responsibility. Members are instilled with the characteristic virtues of discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, patriotism, and leadership. The scouting program features weekly team-building, physical, and educational activities, as well as field trips to local attractions and outdoor scouting expeditions. Each summer there is an annual camping trip where scouts spend a week with their troop in nature, developing a sense of independence and self-reliance, as well as having fun and learning new things with their friends. Moreover, there are opportunities to participate in Scouting Jamborees, including one that takes place in Armenia every four years.